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Growing Markets

The flexible packaging market in AUS/NZ is projected to reach $2.62B by the end of 2021.This will continue to climb to approx. $3B by 2026.

Recycling Rates

Low rates for recycling across the globe have seen landfills reaching capacity and waste enter our environment, waterways and oceans.

Social Licence

Brands and corporations creating waste require solutions to ensure they retain a good standing with consumers and a social licence to operate.

Regulatory Tailwinds

Waste Targets

Nations around the globe are implementing legislation to tackle climate change and waste. Australia has set targets for 2025 that all packaging be recyclable, compostable or reuseable.

Waste Electrical

Europe is bringing in legislation to tackle the large amounts of e-waste that is generated by consumers, and ensure a sustainable outcome for these products.

China Export Ban

The ban on countries exporting recycled materials and waste to China caused a huge shift in the market. Countries like Australia, the UK, and the US are now required to handle their own waste recovery.

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