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Working towards a circular economy with Close the Loop group Australia

Working Towards a Circular Economy

End-to-end solutions for packaging and hard to recycle commodities.

With locations across Australia, Europe and the United States, Close the Loop Group create innovative products and packaging that includes recyclable and made-from recycled content, as well as collect, sort, reclaim and reuse resources that would otherwise go to landfill.

From recovering print consumables, eyewear, cosmetics, and phone cases, through-to the reusing of toner and post-consumer soft plastics for asphalt additive, we’re focused on the future, sustainability, and the circular economy.

Our Key Areas



With a focus on sustainability and innovation, we create new packaging products for a range of global clients. With a breadth of recyclable and made-from % of recycled content packaging options available, we have a solution for any requirement.


Using recycled post-consumer soft plastics and flexible packaging from the REDCycle program in Australia, we have a road additive product called TonerPlas that prolongs the performance of asphalt while providing a solution for troublesome plastic waste.


Using recycled plastics from various sources, we have a recycled plastic resin called rFlex that allows for the creation of new rigid plastic products using a high % of recycled content.



Close the Loop group have extensive collection locations for print consumables globally. This take-back program functions in conjunction with key partners to ensure the collection and retrievable of print consumables for reuse or recycling.


We work with key brands on the take-back of cosmetic packaging and phone cases to ensure these products are diverted from landfill.



We utilise vast volumes of post-consumer soft/flexible plastics to be put back into roads and secondary plastic items, with our ultimate goal to achieve packaging-to-packaging recycling.

Many print consumables collected from our extensive network are cleaned for refill and reuse in a closed-loop system.


Close the Loop Group have a variety of packaging films and formats available using varying percentages of recycled content. As packaging is one of the largest categories for plastic use, we feel this is vital for a circular economy.

“We are very proud of our culture of innovation at Close the Loop Group. The circular economy demands materials be kept in circulation for as long as possible.”

– Steve Morriss, Close the Loop AUS Founder.

2020 Project: Utilising post-consumer soft plastics to trial as recycled plastic resins.

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