9th July 2024
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1st May 2024
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Macro Tailwinds

ESG Tailwinds
Close the Loop’s founding principle of zero waste to landfill has driven shareholder value, delivered strong revenue and earnings growth and had a meaningful positive impact on the planet.
Supporting Global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Deep and trusted relationships with OEMs has positioned Close the Loop has a global provider of choice, helping OEMs to achieve their circularity targets by 2030 and beyond.
Circular Economy
The circular economy is projected to help reduce emissions by 40%, generate nearly 2 million jobs, and become a US$2-3 billion market in the coming years.

Regulatory Tailwinds

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Close the Loop is a coalition of founders that are globally ambitious. With decades of successful growth, innovation and exemplary customer service the founder-led company engenders an entrepreneurial in all its people and products.
Waste Regulation
Nations around the globe are implementing legislation to tackle climate change and waste. Hundreds of billions of dollars will need to be invested globally in the coming years in order for companies to meet new regulatory standards in all major global markets.
Social Licence
Brands and corporations creating waste require solutions to ensure they retain a good standing with consumers and a social licence to operate.

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